Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses

A knee ankle foot orthosis (KAFO) is an orthosis that is used to correctly align the client’s knee and ankle while also providing stability, comfort, and support. These orthoses are beneficial for clients who do not have the muscle strength to support the lower extremity. Depending on individual client needs, the orthosis can be modified to either restrict or promote a wider range of motion of the knee or ankle joints.

Some of the many benefits of KAFOs include:

  • Improved and more natural gait.
  • Stabilization of weak joints and muscles.
  • Prevention of involuntary or painful movements.
  • Improved flexibility and support of lower limbs.
  • Improved balance.
  • Enhanced mobility and freedom.

Knee ankle foot orthoses for spinal cord injuries & Polio

Individuals who have spinal cord injuries, or polio, which is a condition of flaccid paralysis of the lower extremity, can greatly benefit from the use of a knee ankle foot orthosis (KAFO). This orthosis encompasses the thigh, knee, calf, ankle and foot of the client. Depending on the needs of the client, the KAFO works to stabilize the joints and to assist the muscle function of the lower extremity. There are numerous design characteristics for this orthosis and they are all based on the needs of the individual client.