Individual Assessment Process

At Orthotic Dimensions, we believe each client is entitled to quality treatment. To ensure that we provide an exceptional standard of excellence in care, we conduct an individual assessment for every client.

Assessments include:

  • Diagnosis and medical history review.
  • Consultation with the referring health care professional.
  • A discussion to address your reasons for coming to us and your expectations.
  • Gait assessment and biomechanical analysis of motion.
  • Muscle strength testing.
  • Range of motion analysis.
  • Combine elements of the assessment process to determine the optimal orthotic intervention.
  • Taking a cast impression of the area of the body that the orthosis is being made for.

Using the plaster mold of the limb that was casted, the orthosis can then be fabricated.

Fitting and follow up

When the orthosis is ready a fitting is scheduled with the client. The orthosis is fitted to the involved body part, and adjustments are made to accommodate the fit of the client.

Additional follow up visits are scheduled as needed to assess changes in the client and to ensure that the orthosis is functioning properly. During follow up visits, the orthosis is also assessed for growth changes and “wear and tear” during its life cycle.