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Let our team of experts create custom solutions, designed specifically with you in mind.

Welcome to Orthotic Dimensions! We develop orthoses (custom orthopedic braces) tailored to your personal needs. When you are initially seen at Orthotic Dimensions, you are assessed and your orthoses are casted, designed, and custom fabricated to your individual specifications right at our main office.

Why do we do it? Because this is all part of our mission to help you, the client, enjoy a better quality of life!


An orthosis is an externally applied brace, orthopedic appliance or device that is used to:

  • provide protection and support
  • correct or prevent joint and extremity deformities
  • improve movement or function
  • assist in your rehabilitation

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Orthoses can benefit individuals with many of the following conditions:

  • cerebral palsy
  • development delays
  • foot problems such as plantar fasciitis
  • Down’s syndrome
  • brain injuries
  • sports injuries
  • spina bifida
  • stroke
  • osteoarthritis
  • polio
  • muscular dystrophy
  • neuromuscular or musculoskeletal disorders

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Providing caring, dependable service since 1999

At Orthotic Dimensions, we believe in helping each client reach his or her potential so they can achieve greater satisfaction from life. Whether we are enabling a child to play with their friends, giving someone the support they need to do their job, or even re-enabling someone with the freedom to pursue an interest, we always strive for the same level of quality and satisfaction.

Our mission is to care about the client and for the client to feel like they are able to achieve maximum function in their life.